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Proposal would prohibit law-abiding citizens from carrying guns

Ray Elliott - Gazette | Published on 2/19/2024
On Dec. 29, 2019, Jack Wilson, 71, had a bad feeling about a conspicuous looking man in a long coat who entered his church in Texas. As that man approached a communion server, pulled a shotgun out of his coat and began firing, Wilson was reaching for his firearm.

Aiming at the attacker, Wilson waited for the moment that he had a clear line of fire absent of bystanders. When that moment came, Wilson fired one round and eliminated the threat.

Two congregants were tragically killed in this senseless act of violence committed by the man in the coat. But thanks to Wilson’s heroism, it ended before the culprit could claim more lives. How long would this tragedy have continued if Wilson wasn’t armed and ready to act? How many more innocent people would have perished?

A previous event similar to this one suggests that the death toll could’ve been far greater. In fact, Wilson was only permitted to carry the firearm that he used to take down the shooter because Texas, in response to a 2017 Su