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Oregon Dems silence crime expert as they push gun control bill: 'What are they afraid of?'

Emma Colton - Fox News | Published on 6/2/2023
A crime and gun expert was denied a chance to testify during an Oregon Senate hearing on gun control, and a Republican called it a "prime example of censorship."

Emails obtained by Fox News Digital show the chair of the Oregon state Senate Judiciary Committee forbade John Lott, an economist and founder of the Crime Prevention Research Center, from speaking at a hearing last week on a Democratic-backed gun bill.

"After reviewing the following articles, I do not feel comfortable having Mr. Lott as part of the invited testimony during the informational hearing on SB 348," Democratic state Sen. Floyd Prozanski, chair of the Oregon state Senate Judiciary Committee, wrote in an email to Republican state Sen. Dennis Linthicum. Prozanski cited articles from Media Matters and The Trace as reasons why Lott was denied.