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7 Most Common Home Defense Mistakes

Babylon Bee - Satire | Published on 5/5/2023
Failing to put up a gun-free zone sign: Peer-reviewed studies show that 1,200% of armed robberies could be prevented if everyone put up one of these signs!
Thinking your 14-year-old yorkie Sargeant Pickles will protect you: He's blind in one eye and riddled with arthritis, for crying out loud!
Letting the criminal bend your shotgun barrel and point it at your face: This is even worse than letting the robber render your gun useless by sticking his finger in the barrel.
Failing to ask the intruder's pronouns before firing: The last thing you want to do is misgender the perp when you call the police.
Using crane style when everyone knows tiger style is better for close quarters: Choosing the wrong fighting style can really put you at a disadvantage.
Not having a 30-round fully-semi-automatic folding magazine clip: Those things are deadly! Just ask the experts on CNN!
Asking the robber to wait while you go open your gun safe, take off the trigger lock, go get your ammo that's stored in a d