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Rep. Lauren Boebert had this response to MSNBC host comparing her gun display to Usama bin Laden's

Joseph A. Wulfsohn - Fox News | Published on 3/6/2021

Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., was quick to dismiss remarks made by MSNBC host Chris Hayes, who compared her on-camera gun display to Usama bin Laden's

Boebert rejected the "All In" host's comments, telling Fox News on Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) she "heard" about them but that she herself didn't catch what he said because "I don't watch garbage." 

Among other GOPers, Hayes took aim at the freshman congresswoman on Tuesday for building her "political identity" around guns and called her out for displaying a collection of guns on a bookshelf behind her during a Zoom meeting on the House Natural Resources Committee.

"Lots of people immediately noted that the use of guns in that way as props and the implicit threat that comes with them has a, you know, long, not necessarily great history among various movements around the globe," Hayes told his viewers. "Usama bin Laden, for one, liked to pose in front of a bookshelf with a gun prominently displayed. The Irish Republican Army would display guns in its propaganda posters and its murals and the Cuban Revolutionaries -- they posed with guns all the time, too."

The congresswoman, a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, explained Saturday that it was her "first committee hearing" and that her Democratic colleagues were "trying to ban guns" in the committee hearing room.

"The Democrats wanted committee hearings done by Zoom. What do they care if I have a gun in there? It's going to be all Republicans in there anyway and they certainly don't care," Boebert said. 

The GOP lawmaker went on to say that the "hacks" in the mainstream media "can say whatever they want about me."

"I'm not bowing down to this cancel mob," Boebert told Fox News. "I'm here to represent the American people. I'm here to represent the people of Colorado's 3rd District, and I promised them that I'd be their defender between these radicals and the heavy hand of government and these overreaching policies. So I'll take whatever hits are coming as long as I'm protecting the people that I swore to stand in front of and guard."

When asked if she had a message for Hayes, Boebert replied: "Well, I'd have to know who he is first."

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