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Colorado Democrats are poised to introduce a package of stricter gun bills on Thursday

Bente Birkeland - CPR News | Published on 2/23/2023
Democrats in Colorado are expected to introduce a slate of gun bills at the statehouse Thursday that have been in the works for months.

However, the majority party is divided over the most controversial idea on the table: a statewide assault weapons ban, which will likely be introduced later this session.

Thursday’s package, which has the support of Democratic legislative leadership includes:

A three-day waiting period for all gun purchases
Increasing the age to purchase a firearm to 21
Expanding who can file ask a court to temporarily remove someone’s firearms with an Extreme Risk Protection Order
Making it easier to sue firearm manufacturers for liability.
Democrats say the bills are part of an intentional effort to treat gun violence like other policy areas that come up for discussion at the legislature every year.