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TV Show bias on Guns: Actor TV FBI agent dismissing defensive gun use, “So much for a good guy with

John Lott - Crime Prevention Research Center | Published on 2/19/2023
Television show bias against guns is never-ending. Except for a couple of episodes on Paramount’s Yellowstone, you won’t see an entertainment television show with a civilian successfully using a gun defensively. Instead, something always seems to go wrong when guns are used defensively (from being fatally shot by the criminal without stopping the crime to getting in the way of police to continually having the gun stolen and use in a crime to it being used in an accidental shooting), and this episode of CBS’ “FBI Most Wanted” is no different (Season 4, Episode 1, September 20, 2022). This episode even has two different examples of defensive gun uses failing. The second example involves someone who is supposedly the head of an NRA-type organization (called the NRF). The NRF head carries a concealed handgun, but it does him no good in stopping a man threatening his life. The person threatening him had his child murdered in a school shooting, so he was very sympathetic.