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CSSA Statement on the "Assault Weapons Ban"

CSSA | Published on 1/12/2023
The Colorado State Shooting Association is committed to defending the Second Amendment on every front.

Today, we are announcing that we plan to bring a lawsuit against the "Assault Weapons Ban," which was introduced this week in the Colorado State House, if it should be signed into law.

This "Assault Weapons Ban" bill, titled as "Mass Shooting Prevention Act of 2023," only disarms and removes rights from responsible Colorado gun owners.

This bill would ban the firearms that are most popular for women to use for self-defense. It would outlaw the most popular sport-competition rifles. It would make many hunting rifles illegal. This bill would also remove the most common home-defense firearms from store shelves.Criminals will not follow this law as they do not follow the law by definition.

CSSA needs your help if we are to succeed. We need every pro-gun individual, group, and business to become members of CSSA as we mount this defense of our rights. You can join CSSA by clicking the "join" button below.

If you are already a member, you can donate to this effort with the "donate" button below.

Since we have an all-volunteer board of directors, every dollar given will go to defending our gun rights here in Colorado.

In 2021, CSSA brought a lawsuit that succeeded in having Boulder's "Assault Weapons Ban" declared unconstitutional. We will beat this ban also.

The Constitution and Supreme Court precedent are on our side. These anti-gun fanatics will be stopped by the foundational documents of our nation.

This lawsuit will be the wall between tyranny and the responsible Colorado gun owners. Join our fight and become a member or donate today.