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Gun Control Advocates denounce ‘Good Samaritan’ Who Saved Indiana Mall Goers as No Hero

John Lott - Crime Prevention Research Center | Published on 8/16/2022
The head of Mike Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action group, Shannon R Watts, took to Twitter about eight hours after Elisjsha Dicken stopped a mass public shooter within two minutes after it started. Rather than running away from the gunfire, Dicken heroically ran to it. But rather than Watts being happy for the lives Dicken saved, Watts is exceptionally disparaging. The attacker there had more than 100 rounds left when Dicken stopped him. But, even worse, she takes the wrong lesson from what happened. The mall was a gun-free zone, which undoubtedly greatly limited the number of people legally carrying there. Suppose it hadn’t been a gun-free zone. In that case, it is very likely that in Indiana, where 22% of the adult population has a concealed handgun permit, some legally carrying a gun would have been even closer to the attack and been able to stop it faster.