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Colion Noir blasts ACLU for declaring the Second Amendment 'racist': 'Disgusting' to use racism

Charles Creitz - Fox News | Published on 9/21/2021

Attorney and gun rights activist Colion Noir ripped the American Civil Liberties Union for declaring the liberties enshrined in the Second Amendment "racist" Friday on "Tucker Carlson Tonight." 

"Racism is foundational to the Second Amendment and its inclusion in the Bill of Rights," the ACLU claimed in a recent statement.

Noir said that history shows the ACLU is both incorrect and "disgusting" in trying to use the subject of race in an anti-Second Amendment context, given the history of gun rights.

"I think it is kind of disgusting to try to utilize the racial past in this country to get the very people who probably need a gun the most away from the Second Amendment," Noir added.

Host Tucker Carlson referenced as much, noting that the Second Amendment itself empowered such Northerners to "take their own guns south and end slavery by force."

"They used the Second Amendment to liberate enslaved Africans. [The ACLU's claim] is just deeply insane," Carlson said.

Noir went on to note that while the Second Amendment is not racist, an argument could be made that gun control is.

"There are concrete facts that show that gun control has a history rooted in racism," he said. "[W]e are talking about a country that got its independence via a group of people coming together with their own arms to fight a tyrannical government, and then as a result of that, writing the Second Amendment so that we could continue to protect that country."

"So the idea that the Second Amendment is racist is nothing but a red herring because if you can color the Second Amendment and make it seem like it is racist -- then anybody defending the Second Amendment is inherently defending racism," Noir said.