"Duck Dynasty" stars Willie and Korie Robertson are opening up about a scary time in their lives and sharing their thoughts on gun control

In an exclusive clip of next week's "At Home With the Robertsons" Facebook Watch episode, Korie revealed that someone tried to break into the couple's home earlier this year.

"A lot of people, they can say they're against them until something happens and then like, 'Oh where's the person with the gun?' Or ‘I wish I had a gun,'" Korie stated in a preview of Monday's episode, "Does Gun Control Really Work?" 

Korie added, "I know it happened this year to us like someone tried to break into our home and I was very glad Willie had a gun hidden somewhere and I got it out and I was sitting on my bed ready."

Willie then chimed in, sharing his perspective on waiting for authorities to handle the situation. "Well, if you would think, 'We'll just call the cops and they'll show up' – and that's not the case." 

"When things happen it's not the case that you can say, ‘Hang on. I gotta call the cops.’ Then you wait for the cops and then the cops get there and then you're like, ‘OK. Back to your intruding or whatever you're up to,'" he continued.

In an interview confessional, Korie elaborated further on the incident, stating that there was an intruder trying to get in and although the cops came quickly, she was thankful that she "had a gun to defend" herself.


"But you know those moments you're sitting there on your bed holding your gun, you know, wondering if someone's going to bust through your door, I mean it's scary. I was really thankful that I had it. I didn't want to have to use it. But in that moment, when there's an intruder in your home, I felt really, really thankful that I had a gun to defend myself."