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Colorado gun storage bill passes House amid threats of rebellion, violence

Marianne Goodland - Colorado Politics | Published on 3/16/2021

Colorado House Republicans personalized their discussion in a final vote late Monday in a final attempt to slow or stop a bill requiring gun owners to keep their guns safe. House building 1106.

This measure requires the gun owner to use a locking device, gun vault, or other method to secure the firearm to the house. The HB 1106 is sponsored by Congressman Kyle Marika of D-North Glen and Congressman Monica Durand of D-Wheatridge.

House on Monday discussed the bill for 10 hours, and Republicans submitted more than 30 amendments to the bill, but all but one were rejected.

The debate on Tuesday before the vote began with Congressman Mark Baisley of R-Rocksborough Park. He demanded that anyone who voted for what he considered unconstitutional was abandoned his oath of office. He also argued that those who voted for the bill lacked personal or professional integrity.

It was rebuked by Speaker of the House Alec Garnett, D-Denver, who reminded Baisley that his views were his own but not motivated by other lawmakers.

“We had a fair and rational discussion,” he said.

Republican Rep. Richard Holtorf said the bill would further widen the gap between rural and urban areas and warned that the rebellion could be the next step. He said the Colorado country people have enough.

“Our country was founded on the basis of a rebellion,” he said. 

Holtorf said the message he brought was not his own. But “at the very end of the state there are guns, no one is afraid of them, no one is afraid to use them.”

Garnet had a hard time maintaining control of the discussion.

“Tensions seem really high … you can’t incite violence,” he told Holtorf.

Military veteran D-Centenial Rep. David Ortiz responded to Republican accusations.

“Dare any of us behave as if we were monopolizing this sacred document?” He said. “When you come here and talk about violence and rebellion, these claims are supposed to make you the best in your community!”

After that, it seems that the cooler head became popular. The bill was passed with 40-25 votes, and D-La Jara Rep. Don Valdez voted for the Republican Party.

House Bill 1106 is currently heading to the Senate, and the Senate will have its own discussion of guns on Tuesday. Senate Bill 78, Firearm owners must report lost or stolen weapons within 5 days.