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Ohio ‘Stand Your Ground’ law expanded with new legislation

Ohio ABC 13 | Published on 1/25/2021

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVG) - Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed Senate Bill 175, into law Monday, expanding the state’s legal definition of what is traditionally called a Stand Your Ground law.

Ohio’s previous rules required those using firearms in cases of self-defense to try to retreat from the confrontation first, unless they were in their home or their vehicle.

The new law expands that language to “in a place in which the person lawfully has a right to be.”

The legislation protects both against legal charges and being sued in civil court.

“I have always believed that it is vital that law-abiding citizens have the right to legally protect themselves when confronted with a life-threatening situation,” Gov. DeWine said. “While campaigning for Governor, I expressed my support for removing the ambiguity in Ohio’s self-defense law, and Senate Bill 175 accomplishes this goal.”

Gov. DeWine had wanted to add provisions targeting criminals from illegally possessing guns using a background check system, but was disappointed when those parts didn’t make it into the bill passed by Ohio legislators.

“Everyone who cares about these issues knows that the provisions I am requesting in no way infringe upon the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens to own firearms. They know what I am asking for is to make it harder for guns to get into the hands of criminals. These provisions will save lives. These provisions need to become law.”