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AR Rifles

Stan Vanderwerf - Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition | Published on 5/15/2024
AR rifles are excellent choices to hunt with and are used widely by millions around the US every year. An AR-15 with a 223 round is excellent for medium ranges out to 300 yards. An AR-10 with a 308 round is an excellent choice for longer range hunting out to 500 yards or more. Meat damage has almost nothing to do with the type of rifle and almost everything to do with range, round velocity, shot placement, and bullet construction. A monolithic bullet produces less meat damage than an expanding bullet. Hitting behind the shoulder blade produces less damage than hitting the shoulder blade. Higher velocities produce more damage than lower velocities but this is partially offset with monolithic bullets. With the right bullet and placement, meat damage can be as little as a few ounces, a level of damage common among experienced hunters. Anyone stating that hunting with a so-called assault rifle causes more damage than a bolt action rifle or a shotgun is an idiot. At short range, a shotgun which is not an "assault rifle" is far more damaging than anything else. Anyone showing you a test that demonstrates high meat damage, but then does not tell you the bullet construction, range, shot placement, or round velocity doesn't know what they are talking about. Just because, for some reason, you don't like guns, doesn't give you the right to take guns away from law abiding citizens and hunters who need those firearms for a hobby, food, protection of their ranch, or personal safety. I am asking you to ONLY enact legislation that increases punishment for those who commit violent crimes with guns. Leave hunters and law abiding citizens alone!